Artificial Intelligence Research, Development and Innovation Network for Sustainable Cities


AISC Network

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be incorporated in urban planning to improve quality of life while ensuring the needs of economic, social, environment and cultural aspects. Although the evolution of AI can act as an enabler in achieving sustainable development goals, there is a lack of partnership that ensures mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge in the area. This is crucial especially where 50% of the people in South-East Asia (SEA) is living in urban areas, creating challenges related to inclusiveness, environmental pollution, economic efficiency, health and cultural heritage.


Research Network

To create artificial intelligence research, development and innovation network with internationalisation focus to resolve societal challenge due to urbanisation.

Capacity Building

To raise awareness and knowledge of members concerning the usage of artificial intelligence in cities through online events.

Policy Dialogue

To provide recommendations through policy dialogue and initiate pilot actions.

Bring different parties together

Various events will be organised to bring together academics and local government agencies with interests in using AI to resolve sustainability issues caused by urbanisation. Participants can discuss ways to achieve better access to state-of-the-art AI research, development and innovation and lead to enhanced collaborations in the future.


Contact [aiscnet2030 [at]] to get more information on the network